Peter J. Evans teaches at the Longy School of Music of Bard College for both the Modern American Music and Composition & Theory departments, and occasionally even for the Early Music department.  He is known as a theorist/composer, and a composer/theorist, as well as a lecturer/performer and performer/lecturer.  He received his BA from Skidmore College; and his MM and DMA in Theoretical Studies from New England Conservatory. He has studied with Robert Cogan, Pozzi Escot, Gerald Zaritzky, Joel Brown, Anthony Holland, Deborah Rohr, Charles Joseph, Raymond J. Lamothe and Raymond P. Damien. He has published papers on Edgard Varèse, Frank Zappa, Anthony Philip Heinrich, the Universal Nature of Palindromes and his ‘textual’ studies with Robert Cogan. His compositions are cast along lines inspired by Burgundian, Burgundian-American and American traditions.  In what little is left of his musically-allotted spare time he plays many instruments, is the sole founding member of LongyLaboratory, a co-founding member of the Evans-Anti-Art-Ensemble, and works as managing editor for SONUS.  He also teaches classes and lessons at the Concord Conservatory of Music.  He is currently the Treasurer for the Longy Faculty Union.

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International Machaut Society
International Society of Hildegard von Bingen Studies
New England Conference of Music Theorists

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“Why then do we not call a master carpenter a theorist, or a music theorist a master musician?  Because there is a small distinction: the carpenter could never understand his craft in a merely theoretical way, whereas the usual music theorist has no practical skill at all — he is no master.” A. Schoenberg, Theory of Harmony 

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