well… there are at least three other Peter Evanses out there in the music world…
Britten Scholar
and many other non-music Peter Evanses…
Australian Chef
and then some Peter J. Evanses on twitter (the 1st is kind of spooky, actually…)…

…so, the short answer is: ‘theorist’ is both unclaimed and applicable… and unique!


© 2012 Peter J. Evans, theorist

2 thoughts on “peterjevanstheorist?

  1. first off… nice ties. second… good looking website. finally, i like ‘theorist’. kind of vague but in an intellectual kind of way. i’m impressed and i still don’t really know what you do. nice!

  2. thanks kim—-i like your comment! i’m glad you can appreciate the vagaries for what they’re worth!

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