MAM Literature & Materials

MAM Literature & Materials statement of intent:
The Literature and Materials classes are the academic component of the Modern American Music (MAM) curriculum at the Longy School of Music.  MAM Literature & Materials is a four-semester cycle that alternates between equal consideration of Jazz and Classical musics through historical, aesthetic and analytical lenses.  In this regard, the MAM Literature & Materials cycle is academically unique.  It is one of the few courses anywhere that delves into the similarities, contrasts, conflicts and relationships that make up the complex dynamism that exists among all realms of American Sonic Exploration.
Therefore, MAM Literature & Materials students should think of themselves as trailblazers, mapmakers — the PJE-censored “Introduction” to A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism & Schizophrenia by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari will be a constant reference for all four semesters.  Along those lines we will define and address the issues of being ‘Modern American.’
Fall semesters will proceed mostly chronologically through the dates, details and aesthetics of the personae in questions.  Maps will be made to show connections between composers, improvisers, musicians, as well as artists, celebrities, etc, almost in the manner of a soft science, as a kind of pop analysis.
Spring semesters will proceed chronologically through the scores and transcriptions of the actual music via an open-ended analytical framework that is comparative and connective in nature, a la Sonic Design: The Nature of Sound and Music by Robert Cogan and Pozzi Escot.  Maps will be to demonstrate designs within music and connections between composers, improvisers and musician, more in the manner of hard science.
For success in MAM Literature and Materials students will need:
1) rigorous engagement with the course material
2) expression of creative thought
3) sound graduate-level scholarship and academic integrity
4) dedication to this MAM aesthetic
Though the coursework will be demanding, rigorous and sometimes obtuse, students who dedicate themselves through all four semester will be rewarded with one of the most unique educational opportunities available to graduate students anywhere.

General Supplements:
Fall 2015 Jazz History
Fall 2014 classical history//aesthetics:
Spring 2014 jazz analysis:

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