MAM Literature & Materials Ensemble concert, MAY 28, 2016:

  1. King Porter Stomped (Morton/Henderson arr. Evans)
  2. Plutonian Nights ((Sun Ra) head arr. Pablo Passini)
  3. Astro Black ((Sun Ra) head arr. Suji Kim)
  4. Whisperin’ High (Class of 2016)  “Whispering” by Schoenberger/Coburn/Rose “Groovin’ High” by Gillespie, interpolative arr. Evans)
  5.  Looking Outward ((Sun Ra) head arr. BIlly Jewell)
  6.  Super Blonde ((Sun Ra) head arr. Josh Couts?)
  7.  King Porter Stomped [reprise!] (Morton/Henderson arr. Evans)

    Billy Jewell, trumpet&synth
    Jullianna Perez, flute
    Andrew Bustamente, flute
    Rebecca Phillips, violin
    Pei-Yen Huang, alto sax
    Theron Leonard, alto sax
    Diego Alejandro Tunjano, baritone sax
    Guillermo Ortiz, guitar
    Joshua Couts, guitar&pedal
    Tim Carolla, guitar
    Pablo Passini, guitar
    Richardson Smith, guitar&synth
    Suji Kim, bass
    Dylan Jack, drums
    Peter J. Evans, licorice stick, conductions, and “No Hay Pantalones”

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